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rent our vintage cars for a special occasion

Rent a classic car in Amsterdam, choose between our Fiat 500 or the Volkswagen kombi van. Have you always dreamed of driving a cute vintage Fiat 500 or cool Volkswagen kombi van on your special day? Or are you looking for the perfect classic car to steal the show in a photo shoot or commercial for your brand? You tell us your dreams and visions, we can make it happen! Because nothing beats a classic Fiat 500 or a Volkswagen hippie bus to give your day or project that special touch.

What are the options?

Renting our cars is only available in the Netherlands and exclusively for weddings, photoshoots, commercials or to drive in yourself! It is possible to rent one or both of our classic cars for half a day or a full day. We will drive it to your location, set it up for you and drive it home safely. Or you pick it up and drop if off if you’re going on your own adventure with it. To request more information and prices, please contact us!