A little (hi)story

Everything comes with a personal story and so does our chocolate. It all started with the love for real food, handcrafted with only the best ingredients. In the beginning it was just a one-woman-show, producing small batches of chocolate bars, bonbons and cakes for markets and events. Shortly after, the Dam Lekker chocolate collection was available in stores and online. 

Still producing the chocolates in small batches, the brand has taken off to a new level of chocolate making. Our focus is mainly on a variety of flavours, textures and looks. Big chunks of dried fig, bright pink colours of the raspberry & strawberry bars and crunchy cacao nibs for a distinctive mouthfeel. 

Chocolate making (and tasting) has always been something we adore and is now a never ending love story...

how we roll

Personal, handcrafted, sustainable and collaborative is what we stand for. Our chocolate is bean to bar, which means that we know the farmers who grow the cacao and we know they get a valued price for their product. Each and every ingredient we use to make our chocolates is organic and ethically sourced. The environment is very important to us and we consider the earth in every step of our process. Our wrapping is made with recycled materials and printed with natural ink, hand wrapped by us. 

For our limited edition honey sweetened chocolate bar, we use local and bee-friendly harvested honey. 

Photo 04-09-2018, 00 10 28.jpg

Brand values

Our mission is to keep it simple, real and adding value to everyone involved in the process. From cacao farmer, to chocolate maker, to the one enjoying the final product. Chocolate is something special, something beautiful and something you only want the very best of. 
We aim to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, continuously looking for ways to improve and develop. We value a personal touch and a product made by real humans, supporting local and collaborating with people who are passionate about what they do.
And most of all, chocolate has to be 'Dam Lekker'!